Sunday, June 27, 2010

6th month pictures

It's easy to see why I'm so in love with this kid ...

He gets these cheeks from his daddy :)

The family photo:

I still pinch myself.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Operation "DINNER OUT"

Ok, I have to post SOMETHING.

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Things are going great and I thought I should at least share that.

I keep delaying posting because I feel like I have to catch up ... well, with working full time, being a mom, a wife, keeping the house clean, keeping up on dishes, laundry, bills, trying to eat right, get sleep, exercise, still have time for friends, family, and my relationship with the Lord ... let's just say: it's a bit overwhelming ;-)

I can't believe Drudoc is nearly 6 months old.

The short of it:

  • We are still exclusively breastfeeding.

  • He's sleeping through the night 7P to 7A.

  • He's taking 3 naps a day.

  • We did Babywise and are very happy with it.

  • He's in the 90% for height (Berilac is 6'3")

  • He's in the 75% for weight

  • He's got a normal size noggin.

  • He can still squeeze into his 6 month attire but according to his size he should be wearing 9-12 month clothes.

  • He's in size 3 diapers.

  • He's nearly grown out of his infant carrier car seat ... we NEED NEED NEED to get those convertible car seats!

  • We haven't started solids with him yet and won't until he's showing signs that he's ready.

  • He eats about 40 oz. a day, over 5 feeds. (1 breastfeeding session, 4 bottles of expressed breast milk)

  • We are going to wean early to TTC#2, because we knew about this we pumped and stashed breast milk since day one. Right now we have over 1,000 oz. of breast milk in the deep freezer.

  • I returned back to work at the beginning of May when he was 4+ months old.

  • He's in a top notch daycare facility, but we have been looking for a nanny for months.

  • He started rolling over from front to back at 4 months, he started rolling over from back to front at 5 months.

  • He started sitting up assisted at 5 months, he started sitting up unassisted at 5 1/2 months.

  • He's been coo'ing and "talking" since 3 months. He started squealing like a pterodactyl since 4 months.

  • He smiles & laughs ALL.THE.TIME

  • He's starting to lift his arms up to signal that he wants to be held.

  • He's always trying to sit up out of his bouncy, exersaucer, swing, car seat, etc.

  • He cut his first gum (bottom right) two days ago!

  • DH and I have been going out on dates without him since 3 weeks - not regularly because we don't have family in the area, but we try to keep the marriage fresh ;-)

  • Some of Drudoc's favorites are: kicking his feet, assisted bouncing on his legs, and practicing standing; the songs "I know an old lady who swallowed a fly" & "five little monkeys jumping on the bed", the book "On the night you were born", his melissa and doug wooden key ring set, his lamaze butterfly, those darn plastic interlocking rings, an empty disposable tin casserole dish he can bang.

He is the light of my life.

I'll leave you with a picture of us having dinner the other night (hence the name of the post!). This was our first family dinner out. It was a few weeks ago, we walked downtown to a nice Thai restaurant and had dinner sitting outside. You can see that little one is nearly ready to take breast milk or water out of a regular cup! Sometimes he tries to drink the bathwater with the plastic cup I give as a toy ... you gotta keep your eye on this one.

And yes ... he looks just like his mama.