Saturday, August 21, 2010


Three weeks ago Dru started crawling backwards, last weekend, we captured this on camera ....

... and now the bugger has become more coordinated and is into everything! But his new favorite thing to do is cruise and walk around holding onto our hands - an exhausting labor of love. Watch out world - here comes Dru!


  1. Yay for Dru!!!!

    Love the video -- he did so well with the crawling! Sounds like he's doing great with the cruising, too!!

  2. So sweet! Enjoy this time...mine started kindergarten last week and said "mommy, I don't need to hold your hand anymore when we cross the street cuz I'm a big girl now"....

  3. Ahh...a baby on the move. I'm experiencing the same thing myself. My oh is a different world for our babies and us! And who knew child proofing is so expensive! But an expense that I am grateful to have - I bet you feel the same.

    He's a cutie, btw. Glad things are going well.

  4. Precious! Love that the big boy crawled for the remote.

  5. OK. i've been away for faaar too long! is he crawling already??!!!!

    he's sooo darn cute!!!!!!!!!

  6. Polly, if you have a second, can you email me? Its I have a question for you (and the new IVFConn is so weird I wasn't sure you transferred over yet). Basically, its about the ODWU and if we need to redo all of it...have you done it already? I'm lost:-) Thanks!!!!