Thursday, June 21, 2007

Guiding principles of my blog ...

1. TMI encouraged: I will give you TMI, I don't know how NOT to. (it's part of my charm)
2. Be Nice: Avoid throwing others under the bus, as they might read it one day.
3. Safety First: Protect people's identities
4. PG Rated: Make sure the content doesn't offend an older British woman friend I have who I won't name, (given rule number three) but if you know her, you know she loves fondly referring to people as "ducky"
5. This isn't English class: Don't get caught up in grammar or spelling, try to get it right, but don't obsess.
6. Grace: Feel free to delete, change, or correct anything at any time


  1. Since I can't curse, can I use abbreviations like WTF? and $h!t?
    oops...that one's not an abbreviation! ;-)

  2. I didn't say YOU couldn't! (CUTE)