Thursday, June 28, 2007

Three cheers for the Crystal Stick!

It is officially summer! and let me tell you my pits are telling me as much!

In our neck of the woods, we're looking at high 70's, low 80's ... which is not anything like Death Valley or anything, but it's hot enough that when you're outside in office attire, you're a little sticky.

My husband and I recently bought and started using a Crystal Stick for our underarms and let me tell you - it really works! But the cheering doesn't stop there, this little stick:
  • lasts a year (yes, one stick for one year! talk about price savings!)
  • doesn't have any aluminum in it (to get into your body)
  • doesn't leave any white marks on your shirts
  • and I tell ya, it fights the stink!

If you haven't tried one yet, and if you're tired of using Secret or Tom's of Maine ... I recommend it.


  1. We bought it at a little place called "Elephant Pharm". I've heard that some Trader Joe's carry it sometimes ... when all else fails, I added the link to the blog entry.

  2. I found it at Ulta. I bought it, and will give it a go. We'll see if it works for me! It'll either be great or, I'll stink up the place!