Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Officially a fertility med junkie

My first shot went GREAT!!

Berilac didn't think I'd be able to self administer and said he would do it for me if I needed (pa-lease!) I had no problem.

I chose to go two fingers left and two fingers below my belly button, I iced it for like 5 mins, wiped with the alcohol swab (and let it dry), primed, aimed, injected slowly, held for 5 seconds and pulled it out. Only a couple of drops of blood. I was so proud of myself!!

My biggest fear (totally irrational, I know) was anaphalactic shock (yes, I'm a serious worry-er) ... but instead the only "odd" thing that happened was as I was injecting the drug I felt a rush of heat radiate over my body, and I got blood drops afterward ... perhaps I hit a vein or something? Berilac thinks it was anxiety ... but usually when I have anxiety symptoms I imagine them ahead of time - this totally caught me off guard.

Berilac got it on camera ... video taped! after I was done he pretend fainted w/camera in hand - too cute!

And yes, I am so glad we waited until 9PM to administer vs. 8PM given the sizable earthquake that we experienced last night!! The epicenter was only 17 miles from our home ... it was more "rolling" than "shaking" ... it felt like Berilac and I were slow dancing, swaying to the music! It was actually quite exciting and fun - but those darn doggies of ours didn't give us any warning howls or barks ... what good are these two?

... So that's it no bruises, druggie tracks, or side-effects to speak of ... we are off to the races!


  1. I am glad that everything is going so well. I was so glad we waited until 9 to do my Lupron shot too. Nick never feels earthquakes, and it always seems he is washing his hands or the dishes when one hits.

  2. May God continue to give you peace and hope as you go forward:-)

  3. Aww... I miss those earthquakes. I'm glad that the first shot went so well. As always, my prayers are with you both.

  4. Way to go, girlie! If the first one was so easy, you'll be a pro by the time you give yourself the last shot. I'm so impressed! Keep us posted on the progress...

  5. Ahhhh! Yay!!!! You did it!!! I think it's so YOU (and hilarious) that you iced it beforehand. That's so you... it's a sub-q shot my friend!!!! You can do it sans-ice next time. Buck up lil' camper -- you'll be a shot-pro in about a week. :-) Good luck, and here's hoping for I mean a healthy baby!

  6. Daisy - Quads?!?? You're just plain mean.

    Ok, so I wanna know ... how was your last self-injection?

    ... oh wait, that's right - you've never had to give YOURSELF a shot.

    (I agree shots given by somebody else - ain't so bad. Shots given to self are a bit mentally freak-a-zoid-al)

    I hope the old pokey-poke only lasts for another week or so - so hopefully I won't get too comfortable with it!

    And yes, we will keep passing the ice-pack this direction,