Thursday, November 1, 2007

People ... it's November First!

Can you believe it's already November? Where did this year go? Do you ever feel like you're a season behind Hallmark? Last week (before Halloween) I was walking around Tar.get trying to find non-seasonal home decorating items and they were sporting Christmas goods already!!! ... I was just getting used to the idea of Halloween and poof now it's gone.

One thing that I don't like about struggling with infertility is that the days seem to S...L...O...W...D...O...W...N (as you try to patiently wait for the next "opportunity" - be it ovulation or a period). However, conversely the years FLY by (as you realize "it was this time last year that I was __________" [getting ready for a treatment, a few weeks pregnant, ... you fill in the blank])

It is my prayer that I can stay present, in the moment ... able to enjoy the weather, the hubby, the friends, the conversations, the dogs, and yes even the job ... and not get too distracted by something I have no control over anyhow.

Today is November First ... let's see, what would normal people do on November 1st? ... I think I'll put up some fall decorations in preparation for Thanksgiving.

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