Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's next?

So last cycle was a bummer. Clearly.

But we are rebounding and looking forward to our future attempts at babymaking. I went into the RE today as I am in the beginning of my next cycle. It turns out I have cysts on my ovaries (never had those before ... that I know of). It is very common for women who have gone through a medicated cycle and who have developed many follicles (eggs) to find themselves with cysts. It's even more common for this to happen to women who cancelled their cycle (as usually those women don't ovulate the developed follies/eggs and they just stick around). For us we cancelled, but we triggered and thus ovulated our many eggs ... so we were less likely to find cysts. However, we found two small cysts (13mm & 18mm)

The RE is putting me on birth control pills for ten days to restrict the estrogen the cysts need to maintain their size. (The irony huh? To a woman in my shoes - birth control is the enemy!) So we go back in on 12/10 for a follow up. It is around that time that we start again on a medicated cycle.

Boy oh boy would Berilac and I love to celebrate our Savior's birth with a conception party of our own!

So, I will take the mean, bad, evil pills and keep you updated.


  1. I agree -- a Christmas baby would be wonderful!

  2. Argh! Birth control pills? Well, get 'em through your system so you can be back on track for a Christmas-conceived babe. Best of luck this cycle!!

  3. Oooh. I'm hoping for a Christmas conception for you!

  4. How's everything going? Still checking in on you!