Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The saga continues ...

So I had another ultrasound today to see the progress and we learned good news (overall) and bad news (for this cycle). If you remember, from the last ultrasound it was clear that we'd get 2,3, or 6 eggs this cycle and during that appointment my RE was thinking it would be 2 or maybe 3 ...

During our ultrasound today we found SIX follies all of similar sizes!! The big ones slowed down and the little ones sped up! Because we are not willing to do selective reduction (aborting extra babies in the womb) our RE does not feel comfortable going through with this cycle with this many eggs (as six eggs puts us at a high chance for high-order multiples).

Our current plan: We are going to stop the meds and go in tomorrow morning for another u/s hoping that 1 to 4 of the eggs pulls out in front and we can continue with the cycle. Otherwise, it's a cancelled cycle - and we're out a good bit of money and bummed.

Would you pray that a few of my eggs dominate and that we can continue down the path we've started? Also, pray that we would make the best decision and that we would be content with the outcome - knowing it's in His hands.

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  1. Darn!!! You didn't expect to respond so well, did you? At least you know how you'll respond going forward. That's always the gamble with the first inject cycle. My RE warned me at the beginning of my inject cycle that it might be more of a "test" cycle to determine how I respond. Of course, you never want it to be a test cycle; you want it to be the real thing, especially when you invest SO much $$ in it. Sheesh... praying for a couple to dominate and the others to slow down. No matter what, you'll do the right thing.