Friday, November 9, 2007

Six babies to spare! Anybody want one?

Yesterday I went into the RE and they did a scan to count how many eggs we were going to release and we counted three for sure and perhaps as many as five. Three eggs we could be ok with, five eggs is one more than we'd feel comfortable with. Our specialist said "medically speaking you definitely have 3 and you could have 5" We asked what's the probability of the other two eggs catching up by the time I ovulate? Their scientific response: "it could happen".

So there we were left with little concrete info to make a decision, though we *knew* what our decision was going to be ... we induced ovulation yesterday morning in an attempt to force ovulation before all the follicles grew to a size large enough to ovulate and we scheduled a follow up ultrasound for today to in fact SEE if the two under-achievers caught up, giving us the potential five follicles.

We went in today for a scan and found SEVEN follicles of mature size ... SEVEN!! (evidentially, my ovaries - are machines!) So we could have a few babies to divy up and give away come 9 months from now ... anybody want one?

Ok, so I'm lying.

As you know, Berilac and I aren't willing to consider selective reduction, so, like good, responsible adults, (and unlike the desparate infertiles we feel like) we are cancelling this cycle and we will have no babies come late July/early Aug.

Up and down, back and forth ... man, this rollercoaster is making me nauseous.


  1. Thanks for posting, Polly... I think of you often.

  2. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your cycle. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. Polly,
    So sorry you had to cancel your cycle. I just got caught up on things with you. At least you have a better idea of how your body responds to the meds. And I imagine that you are a pro and the shots by now.
    Have I mentioned that I love your blog? You somehow seem to capture your emotions so clearly. I find myself thinking "that's exactly how I feel!" I so understand how much you long for your little one and to know what it's like to be a mom.

  4. Thanks Bethany for the sweet comment, it makes my heart shine.

    Did you know that I originally created this blog for friends and family to keep up on me and my DH (since we recently moved) and then it turned into my infertility blog. So I get to use this blog for IRL friends as well as fellow infertiles (so that's why you'll see that I don't always speak in infertility lingo) ... and I think that is what contributes to the tone of the blog. (That, and I'm unrelentingly honest ... seriously, to a fault! Most people have issues with how direct I am ... what can I do? *grin*)

    But I LOVE being able to read and share infertility stories ... this whole struggle has too much shame and isolation associated with it ... so my prayer is that the infertility blogs of the world will begin the process of opening up the lines of communication on this difficult/stressful/painful subject.

    Thanks for reading and supporting me through this rough ride.

    ... and if you start a blog I'd love to read up on you and your journey. So let me know the URL if you decide to blog ;-)

    So, did you find my blog via FF? (if so you should PM me so I can get to your chart and hear your story ... until you get a blog, that is!)

  5. I'm sorry this wasn't the month for you guys. But it's good news that your body is responding well. You're in our prayers...

    I did a double take when I read your post title and then thought, "Me!! Me!!!! Pick me!!!" like donkey from Shrek. :-)

  6. I'm so sorry you had to cancel the cycle. I can imagine how disappointing that must be. I totally agree and respect you so much for choosing to cancel rather than risk selective reduction.

  7. Yes, I sure did find you on FF - the hypothyroidism group. I PM'd you. Hope to keep in touch!

  8. Oh, Polly, I'm so sorry you had to cancel your cycle. Like some previous commenters said, at least now you know how your body will respond. Regardless, it doesn't make it any easier to cope with having to cancel a cycle. Big bummer. Huge hugs coming your way... Fingers crossed that next cycle is it for you!!