Wednesday, April 16, 2008

IVF #1 - CD11 Cycle Update

So Monday and this morning we went in for follow up ultrasounds. Sorry I didn't post about Monday's appointment, the loss of Emily was a little overshadowing :-(

So we have been to two ultrasounds since I last mentioned our status, here are the results:

CD9 (Monday): 9.2mm endometrial lining, 15 follicles over 8mm, E2 ~1100, (Dr thinks last E2 reading was a lab error).
CD11 (Today): 10.1mm endometial lining, 16 follicles over 12mm, E2 >1500.

I forgot to take my Estrogen suppositories on Sunday night and Tuesday night - the doctor said it was fine but I feel like an idiot ... I'm paying how much money and I nearly mess the whole thing up?? ARGH! After earning the track marks all over my thighs and tummy from all those shots - you'd think I could remember an innocent little suppository!

Oh well, the doctor says the cycle is going better than expected and is estimating retreiving between 12-18 eggs on this coming Sunday or Monday.

Thanks for all your prayers - keep them coming!


  1. You are doing awesome, Polly. Great lining and great number of follicles!!

    Don't worry about the missing meds. There is always a little play in these things anyway. It's not an exact science and it really is alot to keep track of.

    Keep us posted. Cheering you on all the way!!

  2. It sounds like you're progressing perfectly! As PP said, don't sweat the suppository. I am sure all will be fine. I'm still curious to know why you're not going to be doing an ET this cycle... you love to keep us on the edges of our seats!

  3. I have no idea what those numbers mean, but I'm glad you're hopeful and the doctor is also hopeful. Please keep your blog updated!

    I just returned from the UGM, and yes, people asked about you! Crazy...! You've been gone for years, and they still ask (where's your cute little blond friend?) and RV been gone for months and nobody said a word!

  4. I'm glad everything is going well and exceeding your doctor's expectation!