Saturday, March 28, 2009

Safe in Denver

On Thursday, Denver encounter a blizzard - the largest it's seen since 2007. There were many incoming and outgoing flights cancelled and the roadways were horrendous. My mom and I were supposed to fly in yesterday morning on a 6:30A flight, but it got cancelled and the airline could only reschedule us for a late night Saturday flight ... which wouldn't cut it since my first appointment at CCRM was Saturday morning! So we switched airlines and they got us on the 2P flight yesterday. We landed into a very serene Denver International Airport - after hearing how bad the conditions were on Thursday, we were both relieved at the landing conditions!

And, the house we are staying at ... IS AWESOME!! We are blessed to be able to stay with Daisy's parents! We have 1800 square feet to ourselves ... and yes, that's larger than my California rental. And gorgeous to boot ... wowza!

So how is the cycle going thus far?
Local monitoring Thurs 3/26:
Lining: 5.5mm;
5 follies near 10mm, 5 follies near 6mm, 5 smaller follies

CCRM monitoring Sat 3/28:
Lining: 9.0mm;
6 follies near 12mm, 7 smaller follies.

The nurse suggested I would likely start Ganirelix tonight. And I should learn my new dosing this afternoon. I have my next appointment early tomorrow morning.

I asked the nurse when she thought we'd get more information on how many eggs they anticipate at retrieval and she said Monday or Tuesday. If there are fewer eggs I'm really tempted to do a fresh cycle. With these results - it seems to me as if we'll get 6+.

I am praying for some good quality eggs this time around.

There are other things going on in my life these days as well. DH's company just had two back to back furlough situations, totaling 16 weeks forced unpaid leave for 20% of the company (luckily Berilac was not chosen to go on furlough) however the remaining 80% of the staff will take a 10% pay cut. So we will soon be getting 10% less each month AND the company has stopped paying for his master's degree program. In more disturbing and painful news - my aunt committed suicide this past week. Her funeral will be next Saturday 4/4, but I'm not slated to leave Colorado until 4/5 or even 4/12 if we do the fresh cycle. My mom and I are here in Colorado and we are trying to learn the details of her death while catching up with long lost relatives and grieving the loss. My mom is very sad to have lost her sister, especially in this way. And I wasn't too close to my aunt, but still I have a lot of emotions to process.

As if cycling at an out of state clinic isn't enough to have on your plate. It's going to be an interesting week.


  1. That is awful! I am so sorry to hear about your aunt! Your poor mom must be having a hard time!

    On another note- I am glad you made it safely to Denver (no small feat this week!). I hope you get a big bunch of follies!

  2. First of all, I'm glad you guys made it safe and sound. That blizzard looked intense!
    Secondly, it sounds like things are moving along for you follie-wise. I hope you gets tons of super great quality eggs!
    Third, that stinks about your husband's pay cut. This economy is really scary!
    And lastly, I'm so sorry about your aunt. That is such a sad situation. You already have so much on your plate.

    Sending you peaceful thoughts.

  3. Polly, that's really tragic news about your aunt. I'm very sorry to hear it - but I'm glad you and your mom are together, that's good for you both!

    Sounds like you'll get a good bunch of eggs.

    When it comes to doing a fresh transfer (vs. waiting for CGH results), gather all of the information from the doctor, the embryologist, talk with your husband and then follow your instincts. The only really wonderful thing about CGH is that it gives you an amazing gauge of how good the embryos are and what to expect.

    Stay warm !

  4. On the wahoo front... so glad you made it safely, that you got some nice follies growing and that your dh was not in the 20%.

    On the OMG, I'm so sorry front... very sad news about your aunt and big bummer about the pay cut.

    That's a lot to handle right now and I pray that your journey is smooth sailing from here on out.

  5. sorry to hear about your aunt. that is very sad news. I'm glad you made it to Denver safely, although be really careful driving around, especially if there is slush on the road. I've learned that you just drive a lot slower and plan to stop a LOT earlier!

  6. Oh my goodness, Polly I'm so very sorry to hear this about your aunt. It's painful enough when one can see this coming (as in long term illness etc.) so I can only imagine how devastated you, your mom and the rest of your family are at this situation. May God grant you all some measure of peace and comfort as you deal with this great and tragic loss.

    I saw the conditions for Denver on the tv, I'm amazed you were able to make it in Sat night. I'm happy you and your mom got there safe and sound.

    So sorry about the reduction in pay for your DH and others at his company :o(
    *HUGE HUG*
    I'm praying for some great results so that you won't need to do another fresh cycle.
    Wishing you the very best and I realize you're having to deal with quite a lot at this moment, so hang in there and many blessings.


  7. FIrst - so glad you arrived safe and sound. I bet the snow is beautiful!

    Sounds like you are making some good follie progress, too. Always reassuring :)

    I am so very sorry about your aunt.

    You are on my prayer list for multiple reasons. Love to you, sister.

  8. I'm so very sorry about your aunt. That is ALOT to be going through while cycling out of state. Your follies' progress sounds great, though, and that's very encouraging! All the luck in the world to you!

  9. Polly - I am really sorry to hear about your aunt. That must be so hard to deal with, especially right now. I'm so sorry your mom has lost her sister.

    I'm so sorry that things are not good at Berilac's work. It certainly doesn't make things any easier.

    I'm glad that you made it into Denver okay. Hoping everything goes well out there.

  10. Oh, Polly, what a terrible loss for your family. I am so very sorry. You're right, this is alot to handle at once.

    I thought of you when I heard about the storm - so glad you got in OK!! Sending you lots-of-eggs vibes!!

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your Aunt. Praying for your Mom and entire family.

    I've been thinking about you a lot...I'm very excited for you! :) I can't imagine doing a cycle out of state! Praying, praying, praying.


  12. What an eventful week you've had and not all of it in a good way. I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt and DH's pay cut. Hang in there - you made it to Denver and now I hope that your cycle exceeds your expectations down there. GL!!

  13. I'm so sorry about your aunt - my sympathies to your family.

    That totally sucks about DH's work situation too. I guess on the brightside, he still has a job even if it is 10% less in pay. Hang in there!

    It sounds like this cycle is progressing nicely - that's great news!

  14. Wow, that is soooo much to be going through all at once.

    I'm glad you were able to make it to Colorado safely. I can relate with regards to the furloughs and pay cuts - R's company announced on Friday that everyone there will be getting hit with a 10% pay cut starting next week. Ugh!

    I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. That must be very difficult for your family. It's good that you and your mom are able to be together right now - I'm sure she's glad to have your comfort and support.

    I hope this cycle results in a lot of great embryos for you.

  15. I'm so sorry about your aunt. How awful for your family. Sending good cycle (and no-furlough) vibes your way.

  16. So sorry to read about your aunt.

    Glad that you made it safe and sound to Denver and I pray that everything will go well for this cycle. {{hugs}}

  17. Wow, plenty of things happening at the same time. The good thing though is that Berilac still has a job! (DH also had a 10% salary decrease so we had to redo the budget and all.)

    I'm so sorry though about your aunt :( There are no words for this except I'm praying for you, your mom and your aunt's family.

    Meanwhile, any news on how many will be "harvested"??? If I were in your place, I would really think about doing the fresh ET if I have 6 eggs, too.

    Hope everything is well...

  18. Polly, I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you have your mom there with you. I am also glad your DH still has his job. Rooting for you!