Thursday, June 18, 2009

You've got "the walk!"

I was walking away from a meeting yesterday when a colleague of mine was trailing 20 or so feet behind and she yells down the hallway: "you've got the walk!" and of course I played innocent and said "what walk?" (like I didn't know, I was just hoping she was talking about my gangsa walk?? ... no such luck.) She scurried closer and said "from the back you're looking kind of ..." and she trailed off as she looked down to my belly and then she said "well from the front you look kind of ..." then she looked at me and smiled. I replied, "with child?" and she said "yes."

I told her the cat wasn't out of the bag and we were waiting a few more weeks for some more time and information (that totally went over her head) ... but she said "well you're not going to be able to keep the news a secret for long" and she looked at my belly and winked.

Now, come on ... how many people do you know that overtly ask a clearly NOT OBVIOUSLY pregnant woman ... if she's pregnant ... does she want to be slapped? Luckily for her, I am pregnant and I was delighted that I "look" pregnant.

It's a good thing I'm not sensitive about my weight or anything ... or else my hand might have made contact!


In other news, we had an ultrasound on Monday and I have yet to post the pics and the story - it was quite scary initially but ended up being good. All is well and we're nearly 13 weeks. Our NT scan is on Tuesday afternoon.


  1. Aaw... thats cute! :) Looking fwd to your u/s pcis!

  2. I think that is super cute... so lets see it, I wanna see that bump! I also want to see the newest u/s picture.

  3. Twelve years ago I was one of those foolish people who actually made a pregnancy reference without knowing the woman was pregnant. I worked with her husband and it went like this:

    Sky - Hey Edgar, what good news, you guys are having another baby?
    Edgar - No, no, my wife's not pregnant, she hasn't really lost the baby weight from the first yet (first was 3 or 4)
    Sky - Oh, well, I didn't think she looked pregnant, that's not why I asked (totally back peddling and lying)
    Edgar - Oh, so why did you think she was pregnant?
    Sky - I thought Michelle said she was (sent my colleague right down the river who'd never said such a thing - then I told her what I did and apologized but I was such a mess and so embarrassed, I pleaded insanity - she laughed and said "you're an idiot" - I agreed)

    Since then, a normally size 2 chick could have a 40 lb. watermelon sized tummy with the belly button popped out and the whole thing could knock me over but I wouldn't dare ask if she's pregnant.

    Live and learn!

  4. I remember being so proud the day my co-workers said that I went from "Is she pregnant?" to "Woah, she's pregnant!"...LOL! Enjoy every rude comment and "fat day" along the way ; )

  5. Do you think she'd heard "the rumor" and was asking creatively??

  6. Yayyy! I saw the bump too when we were at the children's museum. teeheeeheee.

    I love it.

    Enjoy each moment and do tell about the ultrasound.

  7. I had people ask me all of the time when I wasn't and I would get so mad. I'm glad you have 'the walk' :)


  8. You must like this colleague...if not, I probably would have been like, "what? No, I'm not pregnant..." and let her get all uncomfortable! That's funny. I'm so glad you are looking and walking pregnant! I can't wait to see the u/s pics!

    I'm still trying to figure out how you've been making it through the first timester...this is such a stressful process after a couple of m/c's!!! I just wanna be happy, you know?!?!

  9. I wanna see that "clearly NOT OBVIOUSLY pregnant woman's" belly!!! I hope it brought at least a little smile to your heart.

  10. There's nothing better than having an obvious bump... except when you want to keep it quiet. ;) Congrats on "the walk" and your very real bump. So exciting. Time to start clothes shopping.

    Curious to hear about your ultrasound...

  11. Can't wait to see your pictures, Polly. Glad things are going well.