Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Four years later ...

Not that anyone reads this anymore, but just in case.

First of all, huge hugs to you for enduring the struggle. The pain of infertility, while deeply painful, also gave me the gift of compassion - and for that I am grateful. Yet, it's easy for me to be grateful when I have not two, but three beautiful children after our difficult journey. Back in the thick of the struggle - I had no idea I would be that girl. If you remember, Drudoc arrived in Dec 2009, Dimple came two years later (per that "most recent" 2012 post), and two and a half years after that (with the SAME dose using the SAME CCRM protocol we used for Drudoc, only instead using timed intercourse rather than retrieval and transfer - and this time only producing a whopping TWO mature follicles) we were fortunate to conceive sweet baby boy Wilibald who arrived in June of 2014 (8lbs 11oz, 20 in).

It was a difficult delivery of which I'll say, I hemorrhaged to the point of being borderline for needing a transfusion - which we declined and instead met with a high iron diet. I dealt with anemia for weeks, to the point where I just slept most days.

Again, I'm grateful to be on this side of our journey. Three little ones, growing up so quickly. I'm 39.5 now, Berilac is almost 42. This winter I'm having a tummy tuck done to repair the extensive damage those big babies (and really that big tummy) caused me. And this formerly infertile (I guess sub fertile is more accurate) ... womb will be closing up shop. It's hard to consider a vasectomy - to intentionally decline the opportunity for offspring - when so much of our journey was trying desperately to HAVE children.

With bittersweet goodbyes,
Polly (Berilac, Drudoc, Dimple, & Wilibald)


  1. Wow, so excited to see this in my reader today! (Formerly PBJmom, formerly gingersmom from ivfc). Congrats, they're beautiful, thanks for sharing! Yours is one of the first ccrm related blogs I read. (I have 2 ccrm miracles myself, born in 2010 and 2012.)

  2. So good to read a post from you after all this time! Glad to hear about your newest arrival and hope you are all doing well.

  3. So happy to read your joyful update!

  4. I haven't checked on anyone's blog in years, including posting to my own. But did so today and saw your post. Your children are beautiful and I'm so very happy for you, that the family you so desperately wanted is yours. Best wishes, forever.

  5. Hi Polly! Like Sky above, I haven't checked blogs in years, but just saw this and thought Oh! So awesome she has 3 now!

    I had my LO in 2010 through CCRM and your blog totally carried me through. We met up IRL at your place of work and you kindly took some unneeded meds off my hands :-) Best to you and your beautiful family.

  6. Oh this is the best to read. Congrats for your beautiful family. I have been following you forever and it's lovely to see.