Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Insurance coverage ... the dream was short lived

So as a fellow blogger mentioned, having infertility coverage through your insurance is rare.

My husband just got a new job last week and we were so excited to find out that the Insurance was Cigna (well known in the infertile communities for providing insurance coverage) so we asked for more detailed information ... and that too looked very promising. It wasn't until today, when we got the breakdown of coverage, that the bubble was burst.

The first document, under the "infertility" portion: in-network coverage 90%, out of network coverage 80% ... I was getting SO excited!

Then we learned that the 80 or 90% coverage is for everything else EXCEPT medications and/or IVF treatments .... Gee, thanks. That's ... helpful. What's the smilie for blowing a big fat raspberry?


(best I could come up with)


  1. So basically, you can have all the unmedicated IUI's you want? Like you said, 'Gee, thanks.'

  2. UGH! Why do they even bother? I am sure you did this, but did you go ahead and call them to make sure and ask about any work arounds? I am so sorry - what a let down.

  3. Erin from MassachusettsSeptember 23, 2008 at 3:57 PM

    Oh, great coverage.

    So does that mean you can get all the Viagra you want?

    Makes you sick, doesn't it?

    If IVF was exusively a male procedure, you can bet insurance would cover it.

    We do have coverage in Massachusetts... only because one of our congressmen's daughter needed IVF. It affected HIM directly, so it did not take that politician long to realize something needed to be done ASAP.

    So sorry.

  4. So unfair! Woohhoo.. unmedicated IUI's those wouldn't get me far.

  5. I didn't know Berilac was looking for another job. Does he think he will like it better than what he was doing?

  6. Hey there! So - love my geography skills. I am going to look up those 3 clinics you told me about. I'll keep you posted. Also, I tagged you in my blog. Stop by if you feel up to playing :)

  7. Oh man...so what does that cover exactly? The parking fees and copays? Sheesh.

  8. 3 comments on 1 post - I am feeling like a stalker! Anyway, I wanted you to know that Cornell and CCRM aren't on my insurance, but Geoffrey Sher is. Interesting. Maybe I will call them and see if we can have a consultation over the phone. Even if I can't afford to go up there, his opinion could be invaluable. Thank you for telling me about these clinics.

    I looked up my records today and my FSH is 10.4. Somedays it feels like it must be 100.4 :(

  9. Hi, Found your blog while searching for SIRM. I just read through a couple of CCRM blogs and wanted to know abour SIRM.

    Sorry the insurance coverage doesn't cover IVF. We are paying out-of-pocket for ALL IF treatments. Maybe time to move to Illinois where state mandates coverage up to 4 IVFs??? :)

    That Dr Milki was gracious about recommending CCRM, huh.

    Wish you the best on your next steps and praying for wisdom and discernment for you too.