Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Other things I should be doing ...

I'm fortunate enough to take the week off during my cycle. I'm sitting in this gorgeous 3800 square foot home that resides in a beautiful golf course community; I could be touring the local aquarium or zoo, but instead I'm inside. I could be productive and get my taxes done or clean out my inbox but probably the BEST thing I could be doing right now is kicking back, cuddling up on the couch with the too cute kitty, and napping while I attempt to watch a movie.

But instead, I'm farting around with the follie measurements from today ...

My nurse must have been off today, because I consulted with a different one. I told her we were still going back and forth about the PBB/CGH and told her if we could have a contingency plan it would be a no-brainer. She then told me that she anticipates getting all the eggs! ... like 11-14 or so. I then told her that in my past two ER's I've only gotten 5 and 1 mature egg respectively and on those cycles I had many more follies. She patted my arm and apologized and said we'd likely keep pushing. She then agreed with my nurses' guesstimate of 6 to 8 mature eggs.

We will still monitor tomorrow and Friday, but we also booked a monitoring appointment for Saturday ... just in case. I don't think I'll get instructions to trigger tonight, so ER will likely not happen until Saturday or later. (Sheesh, all this dragging on follicular development is exhausting!)

Ok, back to all the excel fun! I'll update with bloodwork results later.
Sat 3/28: ~6-8 follies
E2: 2169
P4: 0.7
LH: 1.0


  1. Love the chart! It's fun to see them all growing.

  2. Hang in there - they know what they're doing. I had really awful maturity & fert rates at home too (last cycle at home retrieved 10 and only 2 fertilized) and I totally understand your concerns. In my first CCRM cycle, they got 11 eggs of which 10 were mature and 8 fertilized so that was an all time record high for me - oh and this was on half the meds. Of course, believe it when you see it but I truly hope that you will be pleasantly surprised.

  3. Loving the chart! I sure hope you are pleasantly surprised by the amount of eggs retrieved. Will they be doing a double trigger? I often wonder if out better outcome came from the lupron trigger.

  4. An obsessive numbers girl - right after my own heart. (-;

    Your E2 with your number of follies is looking really good. You are getting so close.

    Hang in there, hun!!

  5. Polly, We are with you and Berilac in spirit and prayer. We wish we could be with you two now to support you. Hang tough girl, your the best..... Love H & K

  6. i LOVE your chart!! When in doubt... graph it.

  7. That chart cracks me up! I never made charts, but I poured over those little ultrasound print outs all day long!
    Hang in there!

  8. Hi, Polly! I just wanted you to know, too, that even though I rarely comment, I also read every one of your posts! =) I'm praying for a great cycle this go-round!

    I have to add also that your "follie chart" cracked me up...

  9. I think our nurse is off wed and fri. wed for sure and gone over the weekend too i think.

    remember, slow and steady wins the race! GOOOO FOLLIES!

    Which way are you leaning? Fresh or Test?

  10. Ha, a girl after my own heart - I love excel sheets :)
    Keep your chin up!