Friday, December 11, 2009

38 weeks

We had our 38 week appointment on Wednesday, though we were only 37w5d. Everything looked great. We've been doing neonatal stress tests (NSTs) weekly since 36 weeks, only because I've had so much anxiety about a cord accident. All of our NSTs thus far have looked great.

In the appointment, the bp looked great (107/61), urine test came back fine, weight looks great (so far I've gained 20lbs in this pregnancy), and our fundal height was measuring above 39 weeks.

Because I have been experiencing Braxton Hicks contractions since about half way through the pregnancy, the doctor has been doing internals since 36 weeks. Unfortunately, there has been no change since our first internal: 1 cm dialated, 0% effaced, -1 station, ballotable.

I am trying to patiently wait and trust the Lord with the timing of things. But I'm definitely the planning/anxious type - so I bounce back and forth, it's hard.

I'd really like to go into labor naturally before 39 weeks, that would be my first choice. If I'm trying for a pain-med free birth, I'd really like to be able to attempt that with "natural" labor contractions and not Pitocin induced contractions - which I've heard can be SO much more painful. However, if we end up needing to go in on Thursday night for the Cervidil (to ripen the cervix) ... my hope is that that alone will swing things into high gear, starting natural contractions and we'd be able to not have to start any Pitocin. So anyway, all this to say, that we are fervently praying for a tolerable labor and delivery experience, that is safe and healthy for both mom and baby. I try not to get too worked up about it, because I know that doesn't help a thing.

Another thing we did try this week was acupuncture induction. I went in for a treatment yesterday. If that doesn't kick start things, I go back in on Monday and Wednesday for more. It's hard because I know walking is one thing that's very good for mom and baby - if you're trying to kick start labor or not! And I've been walking every morning for the last three months ... but this past week has been cold and rainy, making it hard to get out of the house! The Acupuncturist told me to walk as much as possible following the treatments - so we'll have to bite the bullet and start braving the weather.

It's hard to believe that in less than 2 weeks we will have a little baby in our arms. Doing the whole parent thing still seems so out of reach and far away. I think denial is playing a huge role in this thought/feeling! ;-) ... heck, we don't know how to do all of this. I'm going to be a basketcase! ... what I do know is that Berilac and I have had our share of rough experiences in marriage, and I can confidently say that God has blessed us through our trials and today we have a very strong marriage. I think that will go a long way in figuring this whole parenting thing out. We just have to learn about all the logistics of caring for a baby ... it's a good thing we've got a ton of books, the Internet, and many friends that have gone before us ... all at our fingertips.

Until next week's update (... and really, hopefully sooner!),


  1. I was 0% effaced/1 cm/ -1 position the day/night I went into labor. I never thought everything would happen so suddenly! Good for you for walking in the rain... you must be so very uncomfortable:-(

  2. Yipee! Good luck, though you don't need it. You're so close to having your sweet baby. You are going to be an amazing mother--you've got great instincts. Trust your gut and the rest will come. And don't be afraid to call on friends/family/pediatrician/lactation specialist for help. They expect it!

    If the weather is really miserable, hit the gym for the treadmill. At least you can stay dry and watch a little tv at the same time.

    Big hugs, Ms. Polly. I can't wait for the birth announcement. I'll be sending you loads of good wishes and positive energy for a safe and easy labor and healthy delivery. xoxo

  3. I hope things get moving soon! They say that internal checks mean nothing before labor can be not dilated at all and give birth that night - everyone's body is different. So, maybe you will go sooner naturally than later. I'm curious to hear your story b/c I am trying a med-free birth too and wonder if I am totally crazy to be trying it. Its just the meds seem to do so much harm in slowing labor and contributing to the use of other meds and possibly c-section. But I have no idea how I will feel the day I go into labor....

    Good Luck! I can't wait to hear your good news and see pics! Oh, and in our last birth class last night they tried to scare us to death with how our relationship will change after the baby is born and how miserable we will be for weeks after birth, etc...I was almost getting annoyed. I mean, IF gave us struggles too and look at how strong we all are. We all just have to roll with it and ride it out and get as much enjoyment out of it as we can!

  4. I say "forget" what the books say ang go with your gut on things.....Also, be patient, I bet your body will contract naturally! Love and Hugs and Prayers!

  5. oh wow! how did the epi-no go? Just do what your body tells you to and leave the rest to God. And to also trust your doctor.

    ps. I was in 20hours labour! ha!

  6. Polly - ive been following your blog but havent posted a comment til now. As the mother of 7 week old girl who I thought I would never have due to fertility issues of my own, I can really relate to what you are going through, and let me tell you, you really have the most AMAZING few weeks in front of you. My little girl has just started smiling at me and it melts my heart!! I would also say that, helpful as books are, just trust trust your instincts. You are this baby's mother and know it better than any 'expert' can. One book which I would recommend to you is What Mothers Do: Especially When it Looks Like Nothing by Naomi Stadlen. I read this in one sitting and it had me in tears a number of times. Its about how mums do a brilliant job and how their instincts are usually right. It is AMAZING and is a big up to new mums and would wholly recommend it - it will make you feel a million times better. All the best to you

  7. I'm so glad to hear everything is going so well! Get out there and brave that "cold" weather -- just be happy it's not 20 degrees with a windchill of below zero. Let's just say I can't wait to see you on Wednesday AND not be freezing my butt off!

  8. Go Polly! Go Polly! Go Polly! Woo! Woo! Praying for you to get your wish --w/o drugs --you CAN do it! But also remember that in the end, no matter which way it goes, you will still end up with a beautiful baby!

  9. Hi Polly,

    I've been reading for a while but have never posted a comment.

    I just wanted to let you know that I personally know of three women who had successful med-free deliveries despite the use of pitocin. My mother delivered me med-free following a 20-hour spontaneous labor with pitocin administered along the way to augment labor. My cousin has delivered two babies (at 40 and 42 wks) med-free after being induced. The third, a friend of mine from church, went into labor spontaneously but needed some pitocin to keep things moving...she too delivered her baby med-free. So all of that to say that it is entirely possible to have a med-free delivery despite pitocin - depending on how your body responds it, you may only need a low dose to get and keep things moving.

    I had a spontaneous med-free labor (at 40 wks + 10 days) until I was taken in for a C-section following three hours of pushing and a posterior baby who wouldn't budge. Since I didn't have any pitocin, I can't judge whether my labor would have been noticeably more difficult with it, but I can say that it certainly wasn't a cakewalk, despite being completely natural. I believe that all you can do is give yourself the best chance of having the labor/delivery that you want, and then just be flexible and remember that God is in control, no matter what.

    All the best to you and your Christmas gift baby!


  10. Hey there,
    I'm due Christmas day also, and I am getting so anxious! My doctor had talked about possibly inducing at 39 weeks, which is just a few days away, but nothing is scheduled. I just want to know when this baby is going to come! Good luck with everything this week, and I hope that everything goes just beautifully and easily for both of us!

  11. Hi there! I've been reading your blog and praying for you guys throughout this process and am thrilled for you both. I just wanted to say that I was induced (night before Cervidil ripening) and then Poticin and was able to deliver naturally as I wanted. Either way you'll do great - you have so much determination, not to mention great support! Praying for a safe and healthy delivery!

  12. Will be praying for a safe and easy, med free delivery! You've been on my mind so much! I can't wait to hear the good news that your precious miracle is hear. I'm thinking girl. So exciting!!!!
    Luv ya!

  13. I have been following your blog for a while now... as I live in SJ as well and will be doing ivf for the 1st time this summer '10. You are truly an inspiration to me. I am soooo happy for you and am thrilled that you are a few days away from holding your baby in your arms. Congrats!!!!

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