Monday, December 7, 2009

We're having a baby ... this month?

I've been wanting to post for ages and have started a few posts ... that I just can't seem to finish. So rather than NOT post because I can't come up with exactly how I want to say all that I'm going through ... I'll just jump in and give you an update ...

The countdown is on ... but it's not as long as you think.

Only two and a half weeks until our due date ... but only one and a half weeks until our induction date. We are scheduled to head into the hospital on Thursday night 12/17 for a dosage of Cervidil, then the next morning, we begin the administration of low and slow Pitocin ... if labor takes off, then great. If it doesn't then the OB said we might be able to be released to head home until 12/22 before they have us back for an aggressive Pitocin dose then. We've hired a doula, so hopefully she'll help us in delaying the induction if needed.

I really hope (and I'll ask for your prayers) that baby decides to make an appearance before we have to evict him/her. I'd really like to go into natural labor on or before 12/17. Will you pray for us?

We are trying the self induction techniques ... walking, sex, EPO, pineapple, red raspberry leaf tea, will be starting acupuncture ... and spicy food, once the baby drops ... this whole acid reflux thing is OUT OF CONTROL at this stage in pregnancy!

I stopped taking Lovenox (blood thinner) on Friday night - so we're all set for a non complicated epidural/c-section (if needed) ... though we have taken the Bradley classes and are hoping for an unmedicated birth, which, as you might know, will be much more difficult if we have to be induced.

A lot of people want to know WHY we're planning an induction at 39 weeks. Well, our OB has been talking about this since the beginning. I guess there is a higher risk for cord accidents the longer the pregnancy continues. As well, we've been on blood thinners the entire pregnancy (stopping at 37 weeks) so they want us to only be off of them for a short while (I go back on them post partum for 6 weeks), and lastly ... at this most recent appointment (my 37 week appointment) the doctor took one look at my belly while I was lying back for the fundal height measurement and she said "that is one big baby" ... she is guesstimating 8 1/2 lb baby at 39 weeks. She then asked me "how much did you weigh at birth, because baby weight is mostly comparable to the maternal weight" and I told her "9 1/2 lbs" ... *blush* ... her reply? ... "I'm sorry." The reassuring news is that she doesn't think that the baby is too big for a vaginal birth, which I'm relieved about.

So that's it ... we are full term, we are expecting a baby THIS month, we have less than 2 weeks till our induction date, and Berilac is finishing his MBA program tonight (and dropping off his final paper by 6p tomorrow night). We will have 10 days to "be a normal couple" until baby arrives.

Our bags are not packed, our nursery is not finished ... and get this ... we don't have names yet!! ... I blame it on all the work I've been trying to wrap up (maternity leave starts this Friday, but I've been working from home since Thanksgiving), the fact that I'm as large as a house (literally, I'm worried this belly is going to split open!) and Berilac hasn't had time with his work and school consuming so much of his life.

Sorry for the delay in posting ... I've been SO incredibly busy ... if I haven't had time to pack our bag and/or work on the nursery ... nor get a name! Then you can see why I've been too busy to post ;-)

I can't believe our journey has come this far ... I so pray that the labor and delivery is safe and healthy for both the baby and me ... and that the labor experience is as tolerable as possible.

I'll try to keep you posted in these last few weeks.

With much love,


Interested in helping us out? Suggest baby names in a comment if you've got them! Remember we don't know the gender - so boy and girl names are welcome!


  1. I am so excited for you! You do sound like you've been busy! have about 10 days to sit back, be normal and discuss baby names:-) Unless you get an early surprise, which would be soooo nice!

  2. hi!!!! sorry i haven't commented before, but i've been reading your story forever it seems like! i pray for your sweet family all the time - i am SO excited for you! praying for a safe, healthy labor and delivery for you and the babe!!!! i coudln't resist throwing out a few names too...

    for girls - sophie (that's my little girl, but i love it so much i thought you might too?!?), haven, piper, emma, bella, ella, ava, hayden

    for boys - hudson, parker, preston, peyton, cale, cade, roman, barrett, bodie, brody, jack, jace

    hope it helps!!!! :)

  3. I think everyone says this, but don't get pushed into an induction if you don't want one! Both my kids were big, #2 was 10 lbs 4 oz, and it was NO PROBLEM. Also, unless you get one of the really nice u/s....estimation of size at birth is usually WRONG.

    You can use my girl name, I had boys - Anna Keturah
    Boy - I don't know, Jasper? I recently decided that I names my now 18 month old Jasper.

  4. Polly! I can't believe you're due in just a short while. Wow!!! I'm so happy for you guys -- can't wait to hear what names you decide on. Well, you know I love the name Zoe and our other girl name was Charlotte. Our boy names were Jack and Alexander.

  5. Good luck with wrapping up work, and packing up and getting the nursery completed. Most of all, good luck with labor and delivery!

  6. Wow!!! Just around the corner. Good for you for working from home. I'll be sending loads of early (and easy!) labor vibes so you don't have to be induced. I did the Bradley Method, as well. It was very helpful in helping us accomplish an unmedicated birth -- and having a doula will be especially helpful for both you and Berilac. But if you end up getting Pitocin, don't be bashful about the epi. I can't imagine doing a pitocin birth unmedicated.

    Small tip that helped get my labor started... (TMI for some ahead...) Nipple stimulation can also help get some things started. If you already have a breast pump, you can start using it a little here and there. I did for only a few minutes at a time and the contractions would start -- not just BH.

    Congrats to Berilac on his MBA. Go celebrate -- go out for dinners and see some movies. :)

    Praying for a beautiful and uncomplicated delivery. I can't wait to see your beautiful kiddo. (In my email yesterday I said "little girl". For some reason, every time I think of you having a baby, I see you having the pink variety... just my guess.) :)

    Big love and hugs, Polly!!!

  7. Yay! This month!!!

    As for names, we like names based on their meanings. Are there any meanings that you feel drawn to? We could all go on the prowl for names that match up!

  8. I saw a few names I like posted by others, but I'll post again:



  9. Girl Names:

    Boy Names:

  10. It will all get done and a name will magically appear :) So excited for yall!

  11. Oh Polly! It's almost time to meet your Christmas miracle! What a *wonderfully* blessed holiday this will be for you and Berilac.

    I really hope that, like you said, the birth will be as natural and tolerable as possible. I'll be praying for you!

    .....and I can't wait to see pictures! =D

  12. Good luck with the eviction! We are trying many of the same hopefully....

  13. I am so excited for you all!!! Best wishes to you guys! Will be waiting for your update

  14. Polly,
    What fun! I am also waiting and hoping for labor to begin this week! I will be in the OR on 12/18 for a C-section if she decides to lollygag. If it makes you feel better, we just settled on a name a couple of days ago!

    Since my first was 9lbs 11oz, I can tell you that you can manage a vaginal just might take awhile. I delivered where you are delivering and would be happy to chat with you about what I learned from the experience.

    I will pray for labor to begin soon for you so that you do not have to go through the induction process.

    Thinking of you!

  15. Oh, Polly, you are so close!!!! I cannot wait to read that you are in labor!!!!

  16. Its so exciting! Good Luck.
    a few girl names:
    Boy names:

  17. I'm so excited for you!!! How about a belly pic before the big day?


  18. Hip hip hooray! I'm so excited for you both! I'll pray for that early arrival as well. Glad to see your post! If I had a girl I wanted to name her Naomi.

  19. Girl names:

    Grace or Gracie

    Boy names:


    I am so happy for you! I am glad that you both have made it this far!

    God's blessings on you as you experience this miracle of life!

    Hillary Young's friend, April