Saturday, June 21, 2008

Happy first blogoversary ... to the cynic

Can anyone guess what my blogoversary wish is?

... try again.

It's funny, I'm such a cynic. Each year on my birthday, before I blow out the birthday candles on the birthday cake (fruitbasket style, most years) I of course get goaded to 'make a wish!' ... so I gently close my eyes and pause for a moment, as a smart alec grin crosses over my face, and then I tilt my body forward to blow out the (growing) candle forest. As the smoke clears I look around the table, with many familiar and loving faces looking back at me with contentment, as if I've satisfactorily performed the annual birthday wish ritual.

... little do they know.

Once everyone leaves my husband inevitably (and I'm not kidding you, EVERY year!) ends up asking me (and generally it happens while we're cleaning up the house or washing dishes from the party guests ... you know the scene) ever so innocently ... "so honey, what did you wish for this year?"

Let me tell you, faithful reader, he's asking because he knows it's the same thing I wish for every year. He knows who he married ...

"Please tell me you didn't wish for a vacuum cleaner again!" he growns.

But every year I disappoint. Every year I wish for a vacuum cleaner.

Why do I do this? Because I'm a cynic. I'm a cynic with a short list and here it is ... I think these are the reasons why I don't play along like a good girl:

  • Wishing and thus daydreaming are for the foolish. And in case you didn't know this about me already ... I am the captain of Team Practical.
  • Maybe it's because I've had so many unanswered wishes (but haven't we all? what makes me so rotten over it?)
  • Honestly, I think it's just a means of protecting myself. Heck, I can't get hurt if I don't lay myself out vulnerably, now can I?
What ever the reason ... I'm almost ashamed to admit that I do something so silly.

Well, without further ado ...

(come on, you knew this was coming!)

Happy blogoversary to me,
happy blogoversary to me,
happy blogoversary dear cynic,
happy blogoversary to me!!

Allow me to celebrate my one year blogoversary! ... Now please excuse me, I'm going to go check my hall way closet ... going to see if I find anything interesting in there.


  1. Polly, you crack me up. First I was LOL about the comment you left on my blog only to come here and laugh some more.

    I am quite certain I am your co-Captain of Team Practical. I completely understand you!! I need a new vacuum cleaner BTW. Hmmmm.

    Happy Blogoversary!! May your next be even better!!

  2. Yep, I think that puts you as President of the practical club! Happy Blogoversary! I want to know if you found anything in the hall closet! nclm

  3. You're so so cute!!!! hahahhaha!!!! :) Ok, since you're President, and Lost in Space is Co-Captain, will you need a Creative Director of Team Practical? I'm quite creative, if i must say so myself! :)

    Happy Blogoversary!!!

    Big hugs, girl! :)

  4. WAAAAY too cute, you are funny!

    I too am practical, but must admit I do wish for things when I blow out my candles....Glad I found your blog today!

  5. Happy Blogoversary! Thanks for letting me share in your journey. And, for crying out loud, I hope you get that vacuum someday so you can move on to other wishes! :wink:

  6. Good Lord Berilac! Get her the vaccuum already! The Dyson rules. I vaccuum all the time just to feel the satisfaction of seeing the dirt in the clear canister. It's quite satisfying.

    Happy Blogovesary Polly! Love you!xxoo

  7. May you find a mop bucket, a brand new mop, a big yellow Dyson, and a great big selection of "green" cleaning products that really work.

    And then may you come over to my house on MY blogoversary with said products in hand!