Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Heading to Denver? ... Thursday.

So after about 10 phone calls and 15 emails, I have coordinated with the CCRM staff. Here's the plan:

Today: CCRM to overnight the CD3 bloodwork kit (I guess b/c I'm in California I don't need to have a face to face with the doctor before they accept my bloodwork! That's why I was planning on flying there tonight - b/c originally I was told that that was needed!) CCRM faxed an order for the bloodwork to my local clinic with orders to draw blood tomorrow (CD3)

Tomorrow: I wait at my house for the FedEx man to bring me my vampire kit! I head down to the clinic ASAP and they work their magic, draw, spin, freeze ... and then they give me my frozen blood ... just like the red otter pops ... only dis.gust.ing!! I race right over to FedEx to overnight it back to CCRM.

Thursday: I fly out to CCRM, bloods arrive at CCRM.

Friday: Blood results come back and I am told whether or not I need a CCCT. If so, I have my hysteroscopy and baseline ultrasound done that day. CCRM orders the Clomid for the cycle.

Saturday: In Colorado, enjoying the beautiful surroundings ... all alone, missing a really dear friends wedding :-(

Sunday: Berilac flies in in the evening, get a good night's rest in preparation for the big day.

Monday: 1 day work up, including regroup and protocol recommendation from the Dr's!


Tuesday: now get this ... S.IRM called and we will be discussing my egg testing results from the August cycle. They have the results and they will share them with me by phone on Tuesday. ... Remember that post where my doctor called me to tell me about my AOA's? Yeah, when a doctor calls you instead of sends you the information in a more casual form, I'm thinking this will be bad news.

Wednesday: take all the info from both clinics and decide next steps.


  1. Vampire kits and otter pops... good grief. Someday this child will owe you.. BIG TIME!!

    Good luck, friend!

  2. Good luck Polly!

    I'm glad things are finally moving for you! I hope your 1 day goes well, and you are on your way to a BFP before you know it. Good luck with the call with SIRM too! I also consulted and decided between the two of them.

  3. Oh Polly, I am so praying so so hard for you that this is IT!!! I can't imagine how you guys do it, travelling interstate and all.

    I know this sounds corny but I'm singing this:
    Polly's leaving on a jetplane and I'll be right here, waiting for you...

    Love you, and big hugs!!!!

  4. Yikes, I know it's not moving fast for you, but this is a lot of stuff! Sorry you will missing dear friend's wedding, but I hope you at least get to enjoy the amazing beauty of Denver and the surrounding area. No idea what the weather is like, but I'm betting it's going to be a lovely weekend away for you and hubby.

    Good luck!!!

  5. The Vampire kit is just in time for Halloween. I am excited for you. I will keep praying for you through this week and the SIRM call (and always :)). I know it is sad to miss your friend's wedding, but I know she understands. You can have a "watch the video" night with her and make it really special.

    Many hugs to you - I hope this is the cycle for you!!!


  6. Hope you have a good appt. in Denver with CCRM. I'm glad I went to them, but the wait for my Micro-Array results has officially hit the "losing my mind" waiting point today at 6 weeks. There is a lot to do in the beginning with all of the bloodwork and testing, so hang in there.

    I cannot believe your doctor isn't calling you until Tuesday. That's crazy! CCRM calls the day they get the fax over from the genetic testing facility. ARGH! So sorry!

    Good luck!!

  7. Good Luck with the workup!!!

    I hope your experience there is as good as mine has been...

  8. Wow, busy busy. You are so strong, I don't know how you do it. Sorry you will miss your Friend's wedding. Good luck with the vampire kit and otter pops. HUGS.

  9. hey, I came across your blog looking for references for Dr Schoolcraft - I'm his patient too! (had my 3 day workup last January, then operative hysteroscopy in March to clear pollyps and uneven lining.) I'm also in Denver by myselft right now (I had ET on Wednesday, and then stayed 2 days on bedrest), and I'm not leaving until Sunday night (I'm at Candlewood Suites, 1.5 miles from ccrm.). So, if you feel particularly lonely, you can e-mail me and let's feel lonely together:-) my e-mail is firefly1818 at gmail. Best, Nina