Monday, December 15, 2008

Ok people ... here we go!

I got my calendar this morning for the January transfer (note: this is not an "implantation" it's a transfer. If I get pregnant, then the embryo will have implanted, but a doctor can't implant the embryo, she can only transfer it). In finally receiving my calendar, I was quite disappointed to see that I was supposed to start my shots YESTERDAY ... but my meds haven't been ordered, so of course they haven't arrived yet ... hmmmm, and I'm supposed to remain low stress through this process? Luckily, my fridge is a regular fertility apothecary.

So now, the dates are solid - 1/5 is baseline ultrasound and further instruction, if those buggers thaw safely we will conceive on 1/7 ... is that a little too much information?

For those that are curious about protocol: today I started Lupron shots, I will continue those until transfer (sometime between 1/10-1/13). I am on .75mg of Dexamethazone until then as well. Starting on Christmas Eve eve (12/23) I start twice weekly IM shots of Delestrogen. I guess I will continue those until 10 weeks of pregnancy (here's hoping). I will begin Progesterone sometime after the 5th of Jan, though I'm not sure the exact date. I will also be on Lovenox or Heparin for this attempt, though I don't know when I will start.

For those that don't understand what all that stuff above said: I'm taking 1-2 shots per day, mostly the easy kind, but some are the kind that hurt like a punk. I will do this until it's time to lock and load the babies. These meds have been known to cause SEVERE grouchiness and have even rocked a few solid marriages, I'm sure. So if I'm even less pleasant than normal ... live with it! (Yes, I started the shots 30 minutes ago, so that behavior is excused - ha!)

We are planning on thawing all three oocytes, fertilizing them, and transferring the two surviving embryos on day 3 (and if all 3 survive, we will transfer only the two derived from CGH normal oocytes), we will freeze the third embie on day 3 ... but don't go tellin' my RE all this info - he still thinks we're considering a day 5 or day 6 transfer - which we aren't.

So that's it, I know my part from here on out ... unless things change. I am excited to finally get my calendar and get off to the races.

I want to provide a little education for those not versed in IVF speak:

1/5: Baseline Ultrasound - I will have an appointment with the doctor where they will evaluate my endometrial lining and make sure it's baby safe, they will make med adjustments if it's not.
1/7: Thaw/fertilization (Day 0): They will thaw all three oocytes (eggs!) and catch a couple of the cutest sperm Berilac can provide. They will hunt those soldiers down, capture them, and FORCE one sperm into one ever-so-eager egg. We will get a report of how many eggs get fertilized and how many embryos we have growing.
1/10: Fertilization report/Embryo Transfer (Day 3): We will get a report on how many embryos are still surviving (hopefully all 3!!) They will get graded with a letter and number score as well as with an overall score (more to come on that later). We hope that we have 2-3 good embryos. If we have 2 or more good ones, we will only transfer 2, and freeze the other. If we have 3 poor ones, we will transfer all 3.
1/11-1/12: Serious bedrest to allow for the nestling embryos to ... well, nestle!
1/17: I obsessively start taking home pregnancy tests. I will refrain from this unless I feel pregnant. The bad news of a negative test is crushing.
1/20: Blood test to determine pregnancy, and if so HCG level.

So if you couldn't tell, there are a lot of hurdles that we have to clear before we can start getting excited about this. Here is my promised list of prayer requests.

1. That my lining will be prepared in time for my 1/5 appointment.
2. That the eggs survive thaw on 1/7.
3. That the sperm fertilize the eggs on 1/7 - that all 3 turn into healthy, chromosomally normal embryos.
4. That the embryos develop and perform cellular division properly.
5. That we have 3 amazingly healthy embryos come 1/10.
6. That once the embryos get transferred they nestle on in to the nutrient rich endometrial lining for a long gestational hibernation of sorts.
7. That we become healthfully and successfully pregnant with normal blood and ultrasound results to help alleviate the already copious amounts of stress and fear we'll be facing.
8. That this struggle will soon be over.

People, you're done reading ... now, get to prayin!


  1. OMG, you've started your FET cycle! So exciting! Good luck, Polly!!

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  3. Perfect! Your calendar is actually very very close to mine! I start Lupron and dexamethasone tomorrow, and ER is tentatively set for 1/7, tentative ET for 1/13.

    Good luck to you!! Very pleased to have you as a cycle buddy! :-)

  4. I'm praying it works!! Now keep us posted as it all "goes down!"

  5. I'm sure it feels good to have the calendar in place (although thee drugs are a drag - the lurpon is a bugger!). Best to you, and I look forward to reading about the rest of your process!

  6. Well, with that attitude, I better get to praying rite this minute--will even throw in some weepin' and pleadin':o)

    Seriously though, sometimes I wonder what it takes--but I know His ways and timing are perfect.

    I love the use of not 1 but 4 tickers!!!!

    SO wishing...hoping...and praying for a very successful cycle and pregnancy.

    Many blessings,

  7. This is all very exciting, Polly! I'll be checking in on your updates and praying for a healthy and successful pregnancy to occur!

  8. I'm so excited for you, Polly! I'm glad all of this is coming together for you and your DH. Keep us posted!

  9. Ma'am, yes Ma'am. Praying has commenced and will continue until delivery 10 months hence.

    Good luck, Sweetie!!!!!

  10. Woo Hoo!! Congrats on starting the meds! Yeah, what you don't tell the RE (now) won't hurt 'em. I hope they thaw and fert OK. I've got everything crossed for ya.

  11. I'll be praying for you, Polly, or as close to praying as this lapsed Catholic gets. How exciting to have actual dates! Good luck!

  12. I started praying as soon as you said you got your calendar!!

  13. The minute I saw, HERE WE GO!!!, I started getting excited!!!

    Woo-hoo!!! Praying praying and praying for you and Berilac! :)



  14. This is so exciting. I'll be thinking about you and Berilac and wishing you good luck. It sounds like you have a solid plan. And if you're iritable due to the drugs...just tell people that you're "feisty" or that you're just the dark, brooding type. Can't wait to hear more about it!

  15. Yay Polly! It must feel so good to finally have a plan with good solid dates! I know that getting my calendar makes me feel like everything is finally going to happen and maybe this time will be the ONE! I have so much hope for you! Oh, and I love the tickers!

  16. I'm so glad you have your calendar and a great plan in place. You're already in my daily prayers, my friend with lots more now coming your way. All my best for each leg of this cycle!!

  17. WHEW HOOOOOO!!! I can't believe it's already here. I'll be with you every step of the way, rooting you on to a very healthy, successful pregnancy. XO!