Monday, July 9, 2007

Since the launch of my blog, people have mentioned to me that they don't know what to do with a blog. So I thought I'd educate those interested ...

This blog will be updated daily, weekly, monthly ... or somewhere inbetween. You can mark it as a favorite and catch up on me and my life as frequently as you'd like.

If you miss seeing it for a length of time, notice that entries are recorded in such a way that the current entries are at the top and the older ones are at the bottom. Also, there is an archive of old blogs on the bottom right side (scroll down).

If you'd like to respond to a post that I've put up, go ahead and add a comment. You can see the link to be able to do this under EACH blog entry (at the bottom, right of each entry.) Click on the link that says"X comment(s)" (the X indicates how many other comments are already recorded.)

It's as simple as that - enjoy and check back often.


  1. Thank you, Teacher Polly. ;-)

    Ahhhh! What?!? No anonymous comments. Sheesh. Ok, it's me. Smarty pants Daisy.

  2. I love your blog and your great sense of humour! I think I must be pms-ing because I'm getting all teary eyed missing you!
    Love the names and can't wait have one of my very own :)

  3. Hey- It is good to hear about life in yor world! It is also great to see your scary face.... :)