Sunday, July 1, 2007

Then don't read it ...

Saturday night I celebrated the thirtieth birthday of a very good friend. I love those parties because usually they are filled with a lot of my nearest and dearest friends, this one was no exception. Prior to the evening, I had emailed many of those friends, providing them the link to this, my new blog.

Can I just say that I was shocked when I asked a friend of mine, Rosie-Posie, what she thought of my new writing endeavor?

“Blogs are stupid”

Well, if I emailed you this blog address, and you feel the same way Rosie-Posie does … then I’ll tell you exactly what I told her …. “then don’t read it.”

In closing, here’s a bit of wisdom for you: give someone guff on their: blog, jumbotron, skywriting business, talkshow, etc … and you might find that they use their medium to communicate about you to the rest of the world. ;-)


  1. Baahhhhh hahahahahahha! Now THAT is a funny picture. I'm sure she'll LOVE seeing that one on the internet -- broadcast for the world to see.

  2. yeah, it's amazing to me ... I never would have thought to post that picture until she surprised me with that comment ... then I thought .. uh, hello? PERFECT!