Thursday, July 19, 2007

Unexpected & unknown costs

If you've been keeping up with us, you know that we have been in the process of deciding whether or not to buy or to rent. We really thought we were leaning towards buying, but with the latest news regarding our auto-bahn route to getting knocked up, we think that the reproductive superhighway might require a hefty toll. So, if you can believe it, we are still trying to decide what the Lord has for us and what's best in terms of the still undecided decision of rent vs. buy.

Let me tell you, it doesn't help that on Sunday we found on our doorstep a "beat-it" letter from our landlords. They really are nice people, but due to their own financial situation, they are asking us to move out by September 15 ... yes, yes, I know we were planning on moving anyhow, but the stress of being forced out in less than 2 months does not exactly help our current situation.

To make the waters even muckier (is that a word?) we are not exactly sure what the RE means by "getting aggressive" with our fertility future, (we have ideas, but she hasn't confirmed those) and we have NO CLUE what the various costs are for the different treatments they might recommend. I belong to an online message board, where many women who have similar fertility issues congregate to share their frustrations/fears/hope/miracles, and the collective group thinks that I'll be steered toward the most expensive treatment available - IVF. Berilac and I have talked about it and we are fine with this because: 1. it's only money and 2. what better investment than a little Gamwich padding around the ... rental, condo, home?

So therein lies the question ... how much money will we need to spend on fertility treatments and how much money will be left over for a rental or a purchase? And now, we have to make this decision within the next 30 days ... cause we're getting booted.

In an effort to help us learn more about the monetary fertility investment we'll be considering in the months to come, we've scheduled an appt with our RE for tomorrow [I'm so grateful she had a last minute cancellation - though I'm guessing there's a disappointed woman on the other side of that cancellation :-( ]. Tomorrow we will discuss any further work-ups we need done and we will discuss the plan she recommends and the costs associated with those plans. I'm ready for the big numbers. I'm ready to hear that it'll cost me a car to have a child. It's a good thing God has blessed us in this time with two incomes!

So we will learn tomorrow a more diffinitive plan for any treatments we'll be going through and (of course) you can read all about it right here ... stay tuned!

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  1. I look at it this way, you don't have two cars, so look at spending a car's sum on IVF. :) I know Berilac is a cheapskate (but we all love him for it), so tell him it's a kind of car that DAISY would buy. That'll set his expectations appropriately! ;-) See you tonight! 'arri batta here we come!