Sunday, July 1, 2007

Who loves LOTRs?

I do, I do!

So much so that I used this nifty little website, The Hobbit Name Generator, to come up with my name and the other names you will find on this site (the hubby, the friend ... perhaps your name some day?).

I got the idea from Daisy (her blog link, "All's quiet on the homefront," is listed over the right there in "blogs I keep up with") ... she has little ones and of course doesn't want to be giving their names out over the web. As you know, I hope to have little ones of my own to protect someday, so it makes sense to start early! (not to mention, I'm just plain paranoid!)

So let's see:
-I love LOTRs
-I'm paranoid

... sounds to me like a perfect combination!!

Have as much fun as we did exploring your (and-everyone-else-you-know's) Shire names!!

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  1. Have you played War of the Ring? I got it for my birthday, but haven't played it yet. It looks like a lot of fun though. I gave my buddy Lord of the Rings: Confrontation Deluxe Edition. We've only played it a little bit, but I think it's quite good too.