Sunday, September 16, 2007

over ... before it started?

So ... I think I've just broken my record for shortest pregnancy. Today I am 5 weeks pregnant and I'm pretty sure I started my period :-(

I go in tomorrow for all of my "confirmation" blood work - as we just returned today from our vacation and before I even get a chance to start obsessing about HCG blood levels and whether or not they're doubling ... I started my period.

So I've emailed my infertility specialist and my endocrinologist to let them know what kind of test results we might be expecting tomorrow.

I'm really not being "negative" and assuming the worst. I started cramping this afternoon and started bleeding like a period this evening ... so I took a pregnancy test this evening to see if the line got darker (which would hint towards a higher level of HCG and therefore a progressing pregnancy) but the pregnancy line looks just about gone.

All of this totally stumps me as I still have pregnancy symptoms ... and I'm not on Progesterone (which mimics and can prolong false pregnancy symptoms)

I'll let you know tomorrow what I learn. Till then, please pray for us as this (if it happens) will be our first natural miscarriage experience ... and I'm sure if a miscarriage is confirmed our hearts will be broken and we'll deal with feelings of anger and confusion, grieving and loss ... all over again.

Thanks for your prayers and your love ...


  1. Ohhh honey I'm so sorry. I'll call you tomorrow. I drop off S&M at 8:30 and have a demo at 11am, if possible, let's chat in between.

  2. I'm so sorry, Polly. Sending you much love and prayers.