Friday, January 9, 2009

Tomorrow's the big day!

When I called Berilac and told him the fert report yesterday the first words out of his mouth were: "congratulations mommy!" and then he asked ... "are we having triplets?"

Sadly, the answer is almost certain to be no. Some stats:

  • 50% of embryos derived from CGH normal eggs will not survive to day 5.
  • 10% of CGH normal eggs are not, in fact, actually normal
  • The inconclusive egg has a 50/50 shot at being normal.
  • There is a chance that the sperm selected were not genetically normal.
  • There is a 1-2% chance for triplets when you transfer 3 day 3 embryos.
  • 25% of day 3 embryos make it to live baby.

But who knows? God is in control and He's bigger than numbers ... if you have a doubt, check out what my AMH was in March and then see how much it grew by October!

Last night when Berilac announced his arrival home he shouted: "daddy's home!" It was so cute! We both were in awe last night just thinking about the fact that we have 3 little babies up in Sacramento. Their gender, hair color, predispositions ... all already determined. Our little ones are waiting for us!

We talked a bit about how many we're planning to transfer and from what I understand we will have very little time to make the decision. They will tell us how many we have and at what growth stage they are at ... and we are conducting the transfer within 15 mins of learning this information ... at least, I think that's true??

I just hope that Berilac doesn't cave when the monkey shop RE suggests we only transfer 1 embryo ... yeah, those babies are best off in my womb ... so hand them over!

Tomorrow's schedule:
7:00AM: McDonald's breakfast (some ladies swear by this practice - greasy foods help the embryos stick!)
8:00AM: Arrive at clinic for transfer prep
8:30AM: pre-transfer Acupuncture
9:30AM: post-transfer Acupuncture
10:00AM: hang out, lying flat for a bit.

Then we head to our nearby hotel for 48 hours of bedrest, complemented with fresh pineapple ... if you don't know about this, don't ask and if you do ... I've been waiting for months to chow down on some pineapple - so although I know it's a bunch of baby dust heresay (although there *is* a bit of truth to it) ... I want my pineapple!

In the afternoon sometime, I'll let you know how our very first transfer went. Here's hoping those little babies will get all tucked away for a long 10 month nap.


  1. Good luck tomorrow Polly! I hope the embryos are coming home tucked away for a 10 month long nap as well!!

  2. I hope that all goes well tomorrow, you will be in my thoughts.I am having 3 donor embryos transfered in march myself so I can only imagine how excited you are with it being so close.Wow tomorrow!This is my first time at IVF so I am new to this part of the IF world please feel free to contact me for any reason,God bless.

  3. I love this post!! Had me smiling...ok...grinning from ear to ear.
    I love your husband's comment and I especially love, " hand them over!"

    Enjoy the fresh pineapple, have them throw in the core too if possible :o).

    Many prayers for a very positive outcome.

    God Bless,

  4. Good luck tomorrow. I may have a little bit of grease too just to keep you company. I will not be having McDonald's though. You and your babies will be in thoughts all day tomorrow. {{hugs}}

  5. Good luck tomorrow. I may have a little bit of grease too just to keep you company. I will not be having McDonald's though. You and your babies will be in thoughts all day tomorrow. {{hugs}}

  6. Oh (insert your real name, here), I am SOOOO happy for you guys. Here's to the safe pregnancy and God's provision (maybe three healthy kids without bedrest??)! We're praying. You also had a bunch of kids praying for you guys on Thurs.! Love to you both (I mean to you all), Shannon

  7. I'm 14 weeks along after a successful 2nd IVF cycle. Every time one of the bloggers I check-in on is about to go to transfer, I get so excited. It's like going through it all again. My heart starts racing, and I share the hope with you. Wishing you the best, and I'm crossing my fingers that I come back here to find some good news after your 2ww. Take care!

  8. Does McD's sell organic burgers? Might want to check into that first;-) I'm rooting for two embies to be implanted!!

  9. Everything crossed for a picture perfect transfer tomorrow, Polly.

    You and Berilac are just too cute and this post just made me smile. (-;

    Mmmm on the pineapple. One of my favorite parts. LOL.

  10. I'm soooo soooo excited for you and Berilac! Good luck with everything tomorrow at your transfer - can't wait for your update!

  11. I am totally rooting for you and embabies! Take Care!

  12. Praying for you!!! All five of you!!

  13. I am thinking of you today Polly! Praying that your trasfer is a huge success! Enjoy your pineapple and bedrest :-)



  14. Wishing you guys the very best. Hope this day is a memorable one... beginning of a new chapter.


  15. Good luck today!!!!! Stick, embies, stick!!!!

  16. Thinking of you today, Polly!!!

    McDonald's, Pineapple & Acupuncture all sounds like a winning combo meal!!!

    Baby dust on this post!!!!


  17. I prayed for you all morning and all afternoon! I can't wait for an update and see a pic of those beautiful em-babies!

  18. I wish you the best of luck! My retrieval is most likely Thursday, so I'll be right behind you! I love me some pineapple too!

    This is my first IVF, and I have heard the same thing that you don't have much time to decide how many to transfer...what a decision to have to make so quickly!

  19. Anxiously awaiting a FANTASTIC update. Hugs to you today!

  20. Thinking all sorts of positive thoughts for the two of you. Good luck!