Sunday, August 19, 2007

The birthday weekend ... with a lesson

Happy Birthday Esmerelda!
So, as promised I'm posting about last weekend and my girlfriend's really great 30th birthday celebration. It was a wonderful weekend. My girlfriend, Esmerelda, was so generous - she rented out a really cool house for about 15 of us girls to stay at for the weekend, then on Sunday all of the families came up to celebrate with a BBQ. It was such a relaxing, refreshing weekend.

This is the huge house that Esmerelda rented for all of us. Check out the beautiful interior.

The house has an inground swimming pool, hottub, deck, firepit, and tons of chairs to recline in to enjoy AMAZING views.
But better than the house itself were the girls that came up for the weekend. Esmerelda is a dear friend of mine, but like most friends she has other groups of friends - so I knew about 3 girls really well (Esmerelda, Sandybanks, and Rosie-Posie - seen here in pic above) and the others were acquaintances to me or even ... strangers.

But that did not stop us from having a wonderful weekend. One of the highlights of the weekend for me was when we were seated for a fancy sit-down dinner on Saturday night and we went around the table sharing how we met Esmerelda and what we love and appreciate most about her. It was a touching time with lots of tears and lots of laughter. Recently Esmerelda's husband left her. Because of this tragedy we all drew so much closer to her ... it really made me recognize how important good girlfriend relationships are for married women. One striking statement that Esmerelda made was that weeks before her husband left her, when her marriage was crumbling, she could count on one hand the number of good girlfriends that she had supporting her in her life ... yet there we were a little over a year later and there were at least 15 women sitting there recounting stories of how much Esmerelda has meant to them in their lives and how much their relationships with her have grown since her husband left. It was a time to celebrate and give thanks to God for getting her through this horrible season of her life - we all so look forward to the amazing things God has for her in her life in the future!

For me, the weekend was life giving. I was able to spend time catching up with a good girlfriend of mine, Sandybanks. I was able to share my struggles and recieve her love and support. I enjoyed our conversations, we bounced on a trampoline, we floated in the pool, we enjoyed massages ... it was renewing. I felt again like I was apart of life and not just a spectator. For months now this infertility affliction has made me feel like I'm just waiting ... just waiting for something to happen. I have been less involved in conversations and less involved in the activities of life. Well this past weekend I wasn't. So thank you Sandybanks.

Ironic how during my weekend I not only learned but also experienced how important good girlfriend relationships are. Talk about a great weekend.


  1. Hi, My name is April. I'm friends with Hillary and Dan Young. I have been reading your blogs because they are so real and full of life. They are actually very encouraging to me about trusting in God. Thank you so much for being open and honest about your struggle. And also thank you for sharing your other life experiences. I'm glad that you were able to be renewed that weekend. I have to agree that good girlfriends are a real help in time of need and otherwise. Thanks again.

  2. Welcome April!! Thanks for your encouragement. I'm honored that you would read my blog.

    I love Hillary and I'm so glad God has put her in my life!

    This journey is not meant to happen alone, so thanks for being apart of it!

  3. Wow - what an awesome post!!! Good for you to have been renewed like that.

  4. Esmeralda thinks your an amazing woman and loves you so much. What an incredible feeling to know that through my pain God gave me the opportunity to bless my girlfriends with a weekend of relaxation and deepened friendships. He has certainly taken my mouning and turned it to rejoicing in HIM. It was by far the most beautiful weekend in my life and I'm so glad you were a part of it. I loved having my "dancing queen" to boggy down with. xxoo

  5. I'm so glad to hear all of you had such a great time. I only wish I could have been there too. I miss you all so much!!

  6. Hey Polly,
    Wassup??? Esmeralda hooked me up with your blog. It's as cute as you are... I want to say how wonderful it was to get to know you and to enjoy your fun-loving spirit. The weekend was a special one for me as well. Esmeralda is a special lady but all of the ladies we shared the weekend with were GREAT and I mean it when I say, "Girl friends are very important and need to be cherished". By the way, when and where will your next singing gig be? We want to get our tickets early....

  7. Mama Donna, Thanks for stopping in and saying "Hi" I'm glad you found my blog and this post! Thank you so much for all the work you did to make this birthday weekend so special - we love your daughter so much! I hope to see you soon. :)