Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tonight on COPS!

So I guess the Internet has not gotten enough of me. I'm not only featured here on my own blog, but you can find me at the San Francisco County Courthouse website - mobbin' like a perp. These three pictures don't deny my progression through the red light and into the intersection.

I am the white car in this picture that is between the guy who's legally already entered the intersection and the bus that realized he's not going to make it.

Then you get the shot of me mid-intersection praying that we don't get T-Bone'd.
The third shot is my favorite as I look like a full-on celebrity (sunglasses and all!) who's been caught by the Papa Ratzi! Although you can't see me clearly, you can tell from my dumb-blond facial expression ... "who me? I'm innocent. Where's a hansome officer when I need one?" ... I knew I was flash-bulb BUSTED.
The ironic thing is ... you can't see the passenger (she's been blurred out for her personal protection!) but my poor mom is trusting me to take her safely home; she requested that I drive her through the vicious city so she wouldn't have to deal with all of those whacked-out drivers.


  1. OH NO! Was the light still yellow when you entered the intersection? If so, it's legal. Don't know how feasible it would be to contend against photographic evidence. I can ask P...

    - ann

  2. P.S. How was the first step in IVF?

  3. Hey Ann!!

    I proceeded when the light was RED!! It was one of those critical, limited-time, type of decisions ... that I flubbed. I was going at a pace of 37 in a 35 and I thought I was going to sail past the first white line before the Amber color turned to Red ... But alas, I knew I didn't make it and the flashing camera confirmed that for me - tee hee.

    People talk about hand-eye coordination ... I think I'm lacking in foot-eye coordination (not knowing when to step on the brake!)

    I'll be sure to post about my adventures in the stirrups soon! Thanks for asking!

  4. HA!!!!!!!! That is hilarious! I wish I got a better view of you exlaiming, "Ahhhhh crap!" as you DELIBERATELY drove through a red light. Sinner. I'm not driving with you anymore.

  5. that's freakin hilarious! i hate when you have to decide like that to brake or go.
    and what's with the cameras...is it any wonder you're all high tech down there?