Thursday, August 23, 2007

The not so fragile-x

Praise the Lord, we do not have to worry about the Fragile-X diagnosis. The tests came back today and I am NEGATIVE - I am not a carrier - I dodged that 1 in 15 bullet!! Thank you Lord for your grace ... it is so good to hear good news in all of this (and thank you to Sandybanks for your comment on the last post ... it was so great to hear the good news about the thyroid results ... let's celebrate the good news!)

So thank you Lord for good results!!


  1. Yayyyy! Wonderful news! One positive thing down, several hundred to go. It's all up from here, let's trust and have faith!

  2. Yeah! I'm 'rooting' for you;-)

    (I loved the red-light entry as well;-)

  3. Wahoo!!!! That's so awesome!

  4. Yay for good news! That's awesome.