Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Mr. Smarty Pants

Don't you just hate those people who are innately smart (note: I needed to confirm the meaning of the word "innately" before using it ... and in doing so I figured out that I spelled it wrong ... ARGH!)

Well, my husband is one of those people. You know, the kind of person you love to hate. Now, I'm not trying to get a sympathy vote - I know I'm a pretty smart cookie ... but my husband is irritatingly smart. The kind of smart that earned him a free academic ride through college, the kind of smart that didn't need to do much studying to get straight A's through Electrical Engineering school, the kind of smart that uses higher order math in his everyday job, the kind of smart that doesn't ever need to study so much that he looks like this:

that was me five years ago, studying for one of my nerdy tests ... yikes

My hubby has the kind of smarts that allowed him to pass his first two equivalency tests ... he read two text books and passed two equivalency tests as if he had actually taken the courses! Who has that kind of discipline? That kind of attention? That kind of comprehension?
I complain now, because I'm jealous ... but not really. I get to ride this wave of intellect: This man brings home the bacon, this man responsibly manages our finances, this man challenges me, this man encourages me in the decisions I make, and this man counsels me.

So it's time to celebrate the hubby! Good job Berilac you have shown us once again ... you is smart!


  1. Yay!!!!! I love it! Congrats to Berilac for having synapses that fire faster than the rest of us.

    We were talking to Ruby last night about all the fun things she'll be studying in school and I said, "AND! when you get to high school you can call Uncle K for all sorts of math questions!!!" she got so excited. :-)

    Seriously in the world is he so freegin smart? I mean REALLY? Did he take vitamins as a kid? Did he get a full 8 hours of sleep? Did he sleep on his books?

    He needs to be in some sort of research and development job so he can keep our country competitive. Leave the selling to schleps like me.

  2. Nice mug, btw. Was that picture taken at 2am? ;-)

  3. LOL ... you kill me! Isn't that picture just hideous?? I'm collecting pics of myself that are scary and I will be showcasing them here so that I can throw my pride right into the toilet ... actually, I'm pretty excited about it.

    You know, I don't know where Berilac got his brains from ... they say intelligence is passed through the mother - so I'm going to have to credit Lila!! Good job mom!