Monday, August 13, 2007

FSH Round Two

So first let me start by saying I had an amazing weekend celebrating a dear friend of mine's thirtieth birthday ... but as I am waiting for pics to circulate, I will wait to blog about the weekend.

It's been about a month since my last FSH test (the one where they learned that my body is starting to show signs of early menopause) and since you can test this once a month, we are getting near our next test date. As a matter of fact - the test is tomorrow morning! Unlike other tests that I've faced in life, there is no studying for this one. I've got no control over the outcome: I can't cram, I can't cheat, I can't suck-in, nor can I stand on my tiptoes to affect the outcome. I must simply show up and get stuck with a needle. (given that I've been stuck with needles 59 times in the past 6 months you'd think I'd have tracks by now, but no ... the forearms are still looking fresh and pasty white).

After my blood draw, they are going to count the number of follicles that I have. (this has got to sound strange!) They can count these follicles (by doing an AFC) and the result correlates to the chance of success with medical reproductive treatment, as well it'll provide (or hopefully it won't provide) supporting information for early menopause.

Of course I'll post the results when I get them. Until then, here's to low FSH and high AFC!!


  1. I'm lifting a glass to low FSH and high AFC right now! Yummy red wine and chocolate is coming your way.

    Call me, my friend, and let me know how it goes. This isn't a "trade papers with your neighbors for grading" kind of test is it? How long before you get the results?

  2. I should get the results by tomorrow afternoon - though they could come sooner. I'll give you a call.

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  4. OK - I'm waiting... call me at home.