Monday, August 27, 2007

I wish we would have started sooner ... but we didn't.

Did I ever tell you that my mother TOLD me she went through menopause at age 36?!

Yes, she did.

She told me more than once. Did I believe her? ......... No. Seriously, what person goes through menopause at age 36?

... When she told me she was one of the women that had, I thought she was:

-remembering incorrectly
-trying to get some attention by being a little dramatic
-trying to instigate a heated discussion about women's plausible menopausal ages

Well, I was wrong. She didn't misunderstand ... she was misunderstood.

You would think that I kick myself every day for this, but surprisingly I don't.

Meet my dogs:
Did I tell you that the reason we own these two little "bundles of joy" (sarcasm thickly being lain) is because the hubby and I couldn't agree on the timing of childbearing?

By the time we got married, my six years of part-time college up to that point hadn't been enough to earn a bachelor's degree. So my hubby generously allowed me to quit my job and go back to school full time. In May of 2004 I graduated from college with a degree in Computer Science. I was 3 years married and READY to have chit-lins. Conversely, Hubby thought I was fresh out of college and ready to put my skills to use for a couple of years, cause hey ... he married a spring chicken, I was still young. (I was young; it's my poor little rotting eggs that weren't!)

So because he wasn't agreeing with my perspective on family planning timing - I gave him an ultimatum: "Your choice: Child or Dog?" ... He chose Dog.

I can honestly say that Berilac doesn't hold a grudge against me for not believing my mom (and thus giving us some sort of warning for our current circumstance) and I can honestly say that I'm not bitter with Berilac because he chose dogs over babies (at a time when potetially my eggs were in such better shape!)

Who knows what would have happened if we would have started sooner. But I can't waste my time wondering what could have been. I wish we would have started sooner ... but we didn't.


  1. My dear friend, what a very healthy attitude on not looking back on what could have been. I hope the Lord encourages you, ministers to your heart and allows you to rest in whatever circumstance comes your way. I'll pray for your continued peace and comfort throughout this process and that the Lord would guide you through each step.

    Time for all things is of God's own choosing. I pray His timing becomes your timing. :)

  2. Daisy, it's funny you should say I hope His timing becomes your timing ... in the sermon a few weeks back the Pastor mentioned that suffering happens when our timing is out of line with His timing ... and it's that so true? Great insight you have!

  3. I just started my blog, and I was inspired by you! I had been writing in two different sites, both requiring readers to have accounts, so I decided to consolidate here. There's not much on my blog yet and I kind of picked some old entries to make it a little more substantial for now.

  4. Thank you so much for the comment on my blog. I found it came at a wonderful time. I was blogging about how I want to be more at peace with the life that I've been given. Thank you so much for your wonderful words of wisdom. God truly did use you today!!!