Monday, August 20, 2007

Sorry my posts are so long ...

Ask my poor ear-done-been-talked-off husband ... brevity is not a gift of mine. (Not surprisingly, I'm just jones'ing to type more to explain exactly how brevity is not my gift.) But I will exercise restraint and .. just ... stop .... typing ...


  1. Brevity = boring!

    Give me the details! It's your blog and your rules ... poor out your heart! Makes me feel like I'm talking to you on the phone. :)
    Love Sandybanks...actually according to your naming thingy, i am Daisy Sandybanks! Yes I checked!

  2. Well we can't have two Daisy's running around!!

    Oh and Esmerelda ... would have been Knotwise - I didn't think giving anyone one that name would be wise!!

  3. I love Esmerelda! I laughed out loud when I read it. It suits her!

    Sandybanks it is! I'm a tropical beach.

  4. Personally, I like long posts. Especially from someone I know well. It's like receiving a letter an old fashioned letter, but without the handwriting. And, the best part is I get to add my two cents, which OF COURSE I absolutely have to do.

    Who said "having the last word" is a bad thing? With comments...I can! :-) ILYMF