Friday, August 17, 2007

Can we add more craziness, please?

So obviously Berilac and I have been dealing with a lot lately (on the fertility front) but what about the other areas of our lives?

Let me just lay out some of what's coming at us in the near future:
Today: Berilac has two equivalency tests - Stats and Economics (he's trying to test out of as many classes as he can to help shorted his MBA program from 3 years to 2 years ... he can attempt to test out of 7 classes - and of course he will do whatever is needed to save time and money!)
For the next 4 weeks: Many more fertility tests to take, many more school tests for Berilac to study for, a lot of hunting needed to find a place to live.
Sept 7th: a second round of equivalency tests for Berilac to take.
Sept 8th: 5 night cruise to Mexico followed by a long weekend in Sandy Eggo. (we return Sept 16th)
Sept 15th: We're officially kicked out of our home. But don't worry, we'll be in Southern California soaking up sun ... oh how I hope we can move BEFORE our vacation!
Sept 17th: Berilac starts school.
Sept 25th: a third set of equivalency tests for Berilac to take - this man is crazy!

Now, how are we going to move prior to our vacation when the hubby has major tests he needs to study for? He needs the entire Labor Day weekend to study - I'd like to move that weekend! Since we don't have a place yet, I guess it's a moot point.

On July 15th our landlords told us that since we wouldn't renew our lease (for one year @ $2,650/mo) that they were going to be asking us to leave on 9/15/07. Well guess what? it's 8/17/07 and we have no home to go to! I mentioned in a previous post that we were hours away from following through on a couple of offers on two homes that we had made. Well, now we are looking in the rental market again. I'm just so concerned to make that big of a financial commitment right now, the decision to buy something worth 3/4 of a million dollars. So we are looking for a rental ANYWHERE on the Peninsula. We are looking for something that has 2+ bedrooms, takes dogs, has a yard of some sort, and has a washer/dryer or a hookup. Oh and did I mention it needs to be less than $2,250/mo ... perferably less than $2,000 a month! Our current rent of $2,650 is the equivalency of paying a mortgage on a $500k home, but there's not too many of those laying around the Bay Area (though Berilac is STILL looking and hasn't given up yet!)

So we are 29 days away from the eviction date and we are homeless. DH is going to be CONSUMED with studying. I'm going to be CONSUMED with fertility tests. Somehow we're supposed to enjoy a vacation during all of this. And it sounds like we won't be able to move out by the 15th and we'll be coming home from Mexico to some angry landlords! (and yes, that ought to bode well with our NEXT set of landlords!)

When it rains, it pours.

Anybody know how much professional movers cost?


  1. I was just gonna say, it looks like it's time for you guys to start hiring out some of this stuff. Packing and moving definitely. It's so much easier to just write a check (when you have the $ of course) than spend a week packing boxes, packing a moving truck, unpacking boxes etc. And, with all the stress you guys are under right now you certainly need to lighten the load where you can.

    Yes, when it rains it definitely pours.

    Have fun!

  2. Professional movers? Depends on how much stuff you have and how far you're moving. So the price could range anywhere from 'Lots' to 'Lots and lots'.

  3. Are rentals that hard to come by? Or is it the price that is hard to come by? Surely you can find a rental for that in Mtn View, no?
    Man, I'll pray you guys can move before your vaca so you can enjoy it.
    Professional movers...4 digits.

  4. Sorry, that was me...A dog, but i need a name!